Cabri 700 - hovering

Design freedom and ground clearance are increased as the supports and stabilisers of the CABRI700 element system are positioned at the back. This "hovering" design offers added value visually and facilitates floor cleaning with machines.

Type 703

Partition walls wth front walls

Type 705

Partition walls with front walls and doors
  • Top edge of glass from floor: 2,000 mm
  • Ground clearance 100 mm, adjustable from 90 to 220 mm
  • Wall depth 1,500 mm, graduated from 700 to 1,500 mm
  • Door widths from 500 to 800 mm
  • Partition wall size max. 1,600 x 3,000 mm
  • Width to height ratio: min. 1:10

Lock with olive handle

Aluminium, clear anodised, profile cylinder lock provided by client possible

Lock with door handle

Aluminium, clear anodised, profile cylinder lock provided by client possible

Wall connecting bracket

Concealed screw fitting for connection of glass to wall, dowelled into wall, glass screw fitting with aluminium rosettes

Angle brackets

Connection glass to glass, for wall elements mounted together at an angle, glass screw fitting with aluminium rosettes

Door hinges

The integrated spring in the door hinge opens or closes doors after unlocking, with finger pinch guard on hinge side.

Door and glass above

Door and glass above

Partition wall foot

Aluminium, clear anodised, continuously adjustable for ground clearances from 60 to 320 mm, standard 100 mm

Horizontal stabiliser 700

Aluminium, clear anodised, 25 mm Ø circular tube, with or without Adiprene door stop, adjustable stop position, can also be only used as front wall stabilisers (curtain rail)

Modesty panel

Type 628 urinal partition, standard size 45 x 75 cm, connecting elements in clear anodised aluminium. Continuous double aluminium angle. No visible screw fittings

Cabrillant is often the first choice in wet areas and hygienically challenging properties. Glass is easy to clean. Enamelled and toughened safety glass is capable of satisfying the most demanding mechanical and hygienic requirements. The enamel layer fused with the glass on one side is scratchproof. Any graffiti applied by vandals using marker pens or spray paints can be easily removed leaving no residue. The non-porous surface is impervious to dirt and bacteria and has no joints or corners where dirt can build up.

The toughened safety glass used (ESG as per EN 12150-2) is strong and long-lasting, yet the wall thicknesses can be as little as 10 mm. Glass sections can also be manufactured from laminated safety glass (LSG). We offer a selection of 10 standard colours, but others are available on request.