Cabri 2080 - One foot changing cubicle

The CABRI2080 system includes changing, single, combination and special cubicles with one or two doors, free-standing or attached to the wall. The cubicles come complete with mirror, coat hook, bench and shelf.

Side view

Changing cubicles

Plan view

Changing cubicles
  • A Pitch 1,050 mm, min. 900 mm, max. 1,490 mm
  • B Cubicle width 1,200 mm, max. 1,600 mm
  • C Door width 507 mm
  • D Seat depth 320 mm
  • E Cubicle height above floor 2,000 mm, min. 1,900 mm
  • F Seat height 450 mm, min. 400 mm
  • G Ground clearance 250 mm, max. 330 mm


Located underneath the mirror, the shelf also functions as a door stop, with a neoprene stop ring to cushion it.

Clothes rail and mirror

Aluminium rail with two hooks for clothes and clothes hangers, screwed to glass wall with aluminium rosettes.

Door opener and central locking

Door opener and central locking

Cabrillant is often the first choice in wet areas and hygienically challenging properties. Glass is easy to clean. Enamelled and toughened safety glass is capable of satisfying the most demanding mechanical and hygienic requirements. The enamel layer fused with the glass on one side is scratchproof. Any graffiti applied by vandals using marker pens or spray paints can be easily removed leaving no residue. The non-porous surface is impervious to dirt and bacteria and has no joints or corners where dirt can build up.

The toughened safety glass used (ESG as per EN 12150-2) is strong and long-lasting, yet the wall thicknesses can be as little as 10 mm. Glass sections can also be manufactured from laminated safety glass (LSG). We offer a selection of 10 standard colours, but others are available on request.