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All Gender Design by Cabrillant

More and more toilets in public places are being set up for use by everyone. What was previously reserved for hipster eating places will soon become standard. WCs that were previously gender-separated are gradually being converted to gender-neutral ones.

Users of gender-neutral toilets find the new concept very appealing, since it is no longer necessary to distinguish between genders. This meets today's needs and is particularly appreciated by the younger generation. Also, parents with small children may have experienced being looked at askance when they were in the «wrong» toilet with their child. Gender-neutral toilets are a welcome change for them too.

There are gains for property owners as well. They benefit from the space that is freed up, which was previously required for access routes to the separate WC areas.

With «All Gender Design», Cabrillant offers toilet partitions that are ideally suited to gender-neutral toilets. As floor-to-ceiling partitions, they provide the required privacy protection and have all the other advantages of Cabrillant products: glass surfaces enabling optimum hygiene, a clear design and lasting quality.

The CABRI600, CABRI800 and CABRI900 models are suitable for gender-neutral toilets.

A very popular model among architects is the CABRI900. It can be installed to run continuously from floor to ceiling – no fittings are visible on the outside.